Commitment to Excellence
Awards Dinner

The inaugural Commitment to Excellence Awards Dinner, held March 22, 2003, honoring Tim Brown was a huge success! It was a rare opportunity to see Raiders fans dressed in their finery, with most attendees bedecked in silver and black tuxedos and gowns.

Thanks go out to the CTE dinner committee, as well as their sub-committee members for the tireless hours they all put in to ensure the gala would be an event to remember. A special thanks to the committee chair Denise Browne for the fantastic job of keeping everyone on point at the committee meetings and on the night of the event...

The S.C.B.C.O.R would also like to thank our auctioneer, Frank Shoffner. With Frank's assistance, we were able to raise in excess of $6,000.00 for Tim Brown's charity; The Tim Brown Foundation, supporting troubled children.

Spread the word about this event to all of your club members and friends, as it will surely sell out in all the years to come....

David Gillispie
SCBCOR Chairman

To see photos of the event, click here:

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